All creators and songwriters face challenges.  Perhaps the most ominous of which is the lack of transparent and fair payment for their creations. The status quo is truly appalling.

Hit songwriter, Shelly Peiken, took a bold step and planted her flag in the sand the best way she knows how…she wrote a song about it, recorded the song and produced the lovely video you see below. Please feel free to share this video.

Shelly said, “I had a dream that I was living in a world without music. Of course, I woke up and wrote a song about it. It was one of those songs that you start in the morning when you’re still in your pajamas…and you’re still in your pajamas at night. Because you can’t stop. I want to thank my SONA bros and sisters for helping me see it through visually. I’m proud to say we kept most creative efforts in the SONA family. If this video speaks to you, please consider becoming a member or a friend of SONA.

As I’ve said before, music changes peoples’ lives.  Nordista Freeze (who you’ve heard about from me before) is part of our future as creators, songwriters, artists and performers.  He’s in that “drive all night to the gig in a van filled with players and gear for the love of the music and then pack up and drive to the next gig” place. He needs and, in my humble opinion, deserves the support of all of us. Please don’t be part of the silent majority here.  Make your voice heard.  Get up, stand up!

Of course,  NSAI and NARAS  are also assisting in this…are you? If so, thank you.  If not, why not? If not now, when?

Music changes peoples’ lives.

Until next time, friends….be nice!