Month: December 2016

Enthusiasm and Singer Songwriter Steve Dean

Enthusiasm is contagious. You’ve gotta be enthusiastic about everything you do. To paraphrase, “If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing enthusiastically.”  Enthusiastic people are fun to be around.  Their smile and passion comes shining through and, like I said, it’s contagious. This weekend, I randomly bumped in to an old friend, singer songwriter Steve Dean.  This guy has had eight Number Ones on the Country charts, he’s a Grammy nominee and is consistently one of the happiest people I know.  In fact, along with writer Wil Nance (who I represented at the time), I was able to...

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Zac Price

Zac Price is an artist whose time is coming.  His incredible work ethic, enthusiasm and desire are unmatched. Jerry Wheeler introduced me to Zac earlier this year and after a few phone conversations, Zac and I decided to work together. In the short few months that we’ve been a team, he has challenged me and come further faster than I could have imagined. Bottom line…he GETS it.  He knows what he wants and is on his own path to achieving it. He continues to grow as a writer and performer and he is a student of this ever-changing business....

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Throwback Thursday

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  To the point. Down and dirty. My mentor, Mike Dooley shares some great news every day in his newsletter  TUT (which I highly recommend).  He reminds us that every single day we have at least ten thousand reasons to be happy. Ten thousand.  Let that sink in for a moment. With that many reasons to be happy how can anyone not smile? Here’s one…be happy that you have another Thursday to celebrate Throwback Thursday. Smile. Remember YOUR reasons to be happy…like Robin Williams in this Throwback Thursday video. Until next...

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Today I’ve gathered some inspiring quotes to share…Okay.  I know you can see right through that…the truth is, I found it difficult to get going this morning so I thought, “I’ll just share some quotes.” That’s true…but then it hit me that by sharing these great quotes, I’m not only sharing inspiration with you but also inspiring myself by re-reading these gems. In fact, I feel better already. I hope you will, too. So with that in mind, here we go…. “Man is not made for defeat.” Ernest Hemingway “The greatest achievement is not in never falling, but in...

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Chris Keaton

Chris is a Nashville-based entertainment industry executive, award winning music publisher, artist management consultant and a 2016 Inductee in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.