In 1992, I joined The Recording Academy as a Voting Member.  It was (and still is) one of the memberships I treasure most because it’s not easy to become a Voting Member. For the past six years, I have also been a sponsor of the Nashville Chapter of The Recording Academy and my sponsorship dollars directly fund professional development programming for the Chapter. I am honored and pleased to be a sponsor and let me explain my reasoning.

The music and entertainment industry is difficult enough to break in to and nearly impossible without a network…a way to meet people.  The Recording Academy provides this kind of network for artists, recording engineers, record producers and other industry professionals. They also provide incredibly beneficial development and educational programs.

It comes down to this…it’s who you know.

Simple, huh?  But true.

If you are an artist or writer trying to break in to the business, I can help.  One of the valuable assets I bring to my clients is my vast professional network of industry insiders.  Regularly, I introduce clients to pros who can assist and promote these clients’ careers.

Here is a prime example of one of my services.  Many artists and songwriters sign up with their PROs (ASCAP, BMI or SESAC) online. That’s great, but…by signing up online, they have no personal contact with anyone within the PRO…no relationship with a Writer/Publisher representative and, quite honestly, are basically just a number. When they have a question about their royalty statements, they have to make a cold call.

It’s like having a problem with your cell phone service.  If you don’t know anyone at ATT you dial an 800 number and hope for the best.  But if you know the guy at the ATT store, you call him and, in most cases, will get better, more personalized service.  It’s who you know.

Who do YOU know?  Me.

Through my network, I am able to solve this for my clients by arranging personal meetings at the PROs. Then, they have an inside contact who may assist them. Again, it’s who you know…and if you know me and utilize my services, you will meet and know other professionals.

Remember, it’s who you know…and who they know.

Get in touch and let’s start laying out a plan for you.