Samuel L. Jackson is one of my favorite actors and when he delivers the line, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” it makes me smile. I’m not sure if it’s the look in his eye or the sound of his voice in the Capital One advertisements but it certainly gets my attention.  And it reminds me of journaling.  Say what?!?  Yeah, you know – ideas and inspiration.

Okay, maybe it just reminds me of this.

Here’s the idea.

Every songwriter I know has notes and random ideas scribbled on napkins, scraps of paper or receipts stuffed in their wallet or purse. Every HIT songwriter I know keeps a journal or notebook of these random ideas (often copied from those napkins, scraps of paper and receipts) for those times when they need a jumpstart.  This journal of ideas comes in handy to initiate co-writing sessions or just to have when the inspiration dries up and goes away (it always does, but this journal can help it to return).

Here’s the inspiration.

In addition to this journal of ideas, the best of the best keep an inspiration file, too.  What’s in THEIR wallet? All kinds of randomness like photos, quotes, book passages, prayers or inspiring songs.  You get the point.  If you think about it, the reason for keeping these things around makes perfect sense.  These are kinds of things  (inspiration) that make you think and allow the creativity (ideas) to flow.

Just as the idea file holds bits of songs waiting to be born, the inspiration file holds the keys to the creative mindset.  Each one of us have songs, poems,  photos or something that instantly makes us feel better and help change our state of mind. Great songwriters and artists use these same powerful items to assist their creativity by giving them an inspirational nudge.

What’s in YOUR wallet?

I hope it’s filled with ideas and inspiration. My clients keep my contact info in there, too.

#TakeTheTwenty and then reach out to me and tell me what’s in YOUR wallet.