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Virginia Museum of Transportation

I am extremely proud and honored to be a member of the Board of Directors for the Virginia Museum of Transportation and this week I had a very special treat. Restoration of the Norfolk and Western Railway’s J Class Steam Engine #611 has been a museum project since I was elected to the board six years ago. This week I got to see this amazing piece of art and engineering up close and in action.

As a board member, I was invited to attend a press conference where a new legislative proclamation was presented designating the 611 as The Official Steam Engine of the State of Virginia. And, also as a board member I got to be “on the inside” with special opportunities.


In situations such as this, protocol must be followed and, as such, only a few are allowed to get really close to the 611. As a board member, my wife and I were allowed special access to the engine (in fact, we were invited to board the cab of the locomotive).

Which got me to thinking.  It’s all about access.

If I had not been invited to be on the board, I may never have been able to see this engine, at least not with this kind of access.

In the music business, if you or your advocate are not invited to have the opportunity to pitch yourself or your songs you may never be able to do so, at least not with inside access.

Pro To Call

Okay, I know.  Bad pun. But wait!

You need one.

The reality is this: access to top decision makers in the music industry is only granted to a few. In my case, I have spent years building and maintaining relationships within the industry. And now I am able to share that access with my clients.  For them, I am the “Pro To Call” to get things done for them.Now you can either hire me or not.  You can continue to make your own way in this business and, trust me, I salute you.  (That’s the way I did it.) Or you can be in business with someone on the inside with the necessary contacts, expertise and access to get you on board this train.

Your Call.

I hope you find my words to be helpful and get the point that, as a professional, I am looking out for your best interests whether you hire me or not. But, this train is leaving the station.

You did Take The Twenty, right?  If not, why not do it now? Please go for it.