Alyssa Jacey is a badass bulldozer. Let me explain. Several weeks ago I wrote a post about disruption in the entertainment industry and suggested that there are two camps: badasses (bulldozers) and buildings. The first camp are those artists who choose to move forward and the second are those who continue to try the same tired old routes and end up with the same results (I seem to remember that being a definition of insanity.)

Alyssa is definitely in the former group.


She is bold. Alyssa moved from sunny San Diego to freezing Nashville in January 2012 and hit the ground running. She had just finished a self-booked tour of nearly forty dates across the country. She says she has always followed her gut instincts and this time her gut said, “GO!” So she said goodbye to the old and hello to the unknown.

She connects the dots. When she arrived she started taking meetings with everyone and found her music to be well received. In her meetings she asked a very important question, “Who else should I meet?”  BOOM!! And she never stopped.  She still works it every day.

She is relentless. She continues to build a network of friends and colleagues as she continued to build her following through live dates, recordings, meetings and social media.


She has a plan. One of the things that sets Alyssa apart is her goal setting.  When she moved she gave herself a year to see if she could make a full time living doing only music.  By staying true to her plan she achieved that goal in thirteen months.

She is flexible.  In those thirteen months, she played writers’ nights, became a host for writers’ nights, learned to be a live sound engineer, a booking agent and a web series host for a show featuring songwriters – all leading to the ultimate goal of making a living with her music.

She works her plan. Everyday she makes songwriting a priority and never loses sight of why she moved to Nashville. And she works her social media with a vengeance.


Alyssa is getting it done.  And you can, too.  As I am sure you have noticed, many of the steps she has taken are ones I share with my clients (be bold, connect the dots, be relentless, have a plan, be flexible, work your plan). I am watching and applauding her every move and am going to help her reach the next level of her career.


If you want to be a badass bulldozer like Alyssa, I may be able to help. But, like Alyssa, you have to do YOUR part.

1) #TakeTheTwenty This free step will help you and me assess where you are and where you need to go from here. And it costs you nothing!

2) Reach out to me  Let’s discuss how I may be able to assist you.

3) Let’s make this happen for you!