The Change 14, Insights into Self Empowerment. ( Click here!) I am so proud to announce that I am a co-author in the latest edition (Number 14) of this life changing series. Jim Lutes and Jim Britt are the originators of the series and I am honored that they invited me to write a chapter about my success in the music industry and how that translates into advice from which everyone may benefit. Read through to the very end.


It’s this book right here.

It Is?

The list of co-authors is astounding.  John McDonnell, Mike Greenly, Tom Hopkins,  and Amy V. Slater among others. To be associated with these esteemed leaders is truly humbling for me. The chapters cover a wide range of topics, each one personally written by incredibly interesting people from all around the world. Each and every chapter offers great ideas, messages and insights that will bring value to you.

How Can You Get Yours?

Here’s the pitch. I really want you to have a copy of this book. I really do. And I’m going to make it absolutely as easy as possible for you to have one.

Step one is reach out to me right now at

Let me know you want a copy and I’ll respond and let you how to get yours!

And I’ll even sign it.

It makes a great Christmas gift, too.

And for the next four new visitors to #TakeTheTwenty I will send a free copy of the book.