Joe Settineri is truly a man of many talents: dad, singer, performer, businessman and songwriter. Here’s just one of the things journalists and fans have to say about Joe:

“… American singer-songwriter Joe Settineri has a habit of writing love songs, but just listen to his music and you’ll understand why … and understand the power of Joe Settineri.”

As I stated before, the story goes that even though he is known for many different talents, Kris Kristofferson always lists his occupation as songwriter. This is another in a series of posts about others who, in my personal and professional opinion, should do the same.


Joe and I were introduced by our mutual friend and label owner, Lee Lessack after the release of his his widely praised first studio album, STAY (2009, LML Records). Joe and I became fast friends and I became a fan of his voice, his songwriting talent and his “never say die” work ethic.


Originally from the mid-west Joe and his family now call Los Angeles home. He tells everyone he was a late bloomer. True enough, music and songwriting did steal him away from a successful finance career. But before long he became one of THE go-to singers on the LA scene.  Joe established himself as an exceptional singer-songwriter with the LML release and sealed the deal with his second full studio album, BEYOND YOUR CONTROL (2014) and then his most recent EP, BE THE ONE in 2017.


Joe writes great songs! And his newest singles, HELLO GOODBYE, BATMAN CRIES, and OXYGEN, all written by Joe and recorded and produced with multi-platinum Nashville-based producer Mike Krompass (Smash Mouth, Nellie Furtado), are slated for release this year.


Late bloomer, indeed.  In my opinion the blooms (and his songs) get sweeter and more beautiful as time goes on.  Check out Hello, Goodbye.

I’ve said it before about others and it bears repeating about Joe.

Haven’t heard of Joe Settineri? Don’t worry, you will!

Here’s a  Batman sneak peek for you