What can I say? I am blessed beyond measure. My life has been a series of incidences where I show up somewhere, look around and say, “Hey, this could work!”

First a little context. My dear friend, songwriter and speechwriter extraordinaire, Mike Greenly, recommended me to Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, founders of The Change Book Series, to write a chapter in the 14th edition of The Change Book Series. They accepted and my chapter, Lessons Learned From My Music Business Success is part of that edition.

About three weeks ago, the latest example of this series of incidences appeared. I saw a post from this fabulous, amazing and astounding (and absolutely gorgeous -or as we drawl Down South, Gawgeous) Stacey Cargnelutti. 

I decided right then and there to reach out to her and suggest, no, strongly suggest (okay, I may have even insisted) that she just might need me as a guest on her show. Yes, I did.

He Did What?

Okay, I told her she needed me on her show. Without even a second of hesitation, I went on to give her several compelling reasons why. (I mean, come on, the door was open. I was a co author in an earlier edition. And I do have lots to tell!)

So. I opened my mouth and, voila, the necessary words came spouting forth like a newly birthed spring in the forest. (Did I really just write that? Oh, well.)
I declared:

I could be a great guest.

I will be a great guest.

I am a great guest.

And She Said?

OMG, she said it! Yes! She absolutely said it. Yes, Yes, Yes!

And I am so grateful!!!!

And Then?

Yesterday afternoon she had me on her show as a guest and it was absolutely delightful. Thank you so much, Stacey! It was an absolute blast!!!

Here is the resulting podcast. Enjoy!