Badass Jim Duff

It really should go without saying that Jim Duff is a badass.  He has been a friend, songwriter and colleague for quite a while.  His songwriting and musicianship notwithstanding, he was also recently diagnosed with cancer. Brain cancer.  Really scary stuff.

It really knocked him back on his heels for awhile but his badass never surrendered.  He fought and fought hard.

He found the right doctors and endured the rigors of surgeries and treatment.

And guess what?  He’s BEATING it!!

After rounds of surgeries and chemo treatments, the doctors are very encouraged.  And Jim was encouraged enough to hop in the car and drive to Texas for a string of one-nighters.

I told you he was a badass!

I’ve Heard of This Guy

Yes, as a matter of fact you may remember I wrote about him before.

But with all he’s been through recently, he deserved another bit of press.


Big News

I am proud to announce that Jim and I are actively working together again!  His talent, writing skills and his wicked sense of humor are a gift and I am so pleased to be sharing those talents.

Check this out.

And this.

And while you’re on iTunes, please feel free to listen to other songs and even purchase a few!

It goes without saying that I have been a huge fan of this guy for a long time.  He is a stand up guy. He is a doting father. And he is such an incredibly creative guy.  In my book, that certainly qualifies him to be a badass! Badass Jim!

And Now

I may be able to assist you, too.  My work with songwriters, artists and creatives have brought value to many.  Maybe I can help you, too.

Take the Twenty (it’s right here).

Then reach out to me and let me know if I may assist you in being your own badass self!