Indeed. That is the question on my mind today as I write this post, “What Does Plant Based Actually Mean?” Ya got me.

The fact is I really don’t care just yet although I am certain I will pay more attention as we move forward and all of the burger places start replacing real beef with… Ya got me.

Where’s The Beef?

Well, I may not know beef from plant based but here is what I DO know: my dear clients North 2 South continue to grow their fan base and their foot print with increasingly creative, inventive, and fun ways to attract and engage new fans.

I’m not going to give away trade secrets here but I am going to say this: if you want to grow your fan base and your footprint you need to continue to be creative.  Cynthia, Frank and Adam are getting it done.

From Cindy, “We’re just trying to come up with ways to say thank you to our current fan base that also attracts new ones. Doing prize and swag giveaways (t-shirts, merchandise, etc.) while inviting new people to enjoy our music is the perfect way to do that, since we are indies and don’t have national radio support. Fans really love and appreciate us taking time to get to know them through personal engagement on social media and through prize and contests giveaways. A lot of them check out our music and end up really liking it.  Anyway…THERE is OUR very own ‘Impossible Burger’ made possible.”

Where’s The Beef?

Like the old series of Wendy’s commercials from the 80’s, this is the real question: “Where’s the beef?”

In this particular case, it’s not really beef but it is coming up with a plan you can implement: “Where’s the plan?”

How are YOU attracting and engaging new fans?  Where’s the beef? Are you just wishing and hoping they will magically appear and find you? Are your plans “plant based” or otherwise.

What now?

Please feel free to enjoy either real beef or a plant based substitute if you must but once you get your fill, get in touch. Not only with your inner rock star or your inner badass but with me, your friend in the industry who has the access you need! I’ll make it even easier because as Jordan Belford says, “You need a script!” So, please pay attention. Here is your script.

Are your ready?

Are you sure?

Are you quite sure?

OK.  Here you go.

“Hey, CK, where’s the beef?”

Reach out to me. Let’s take five minutes and see if I can help you be the best you that you can possibly be.

By the way, I was recently a guest on Music Business Radio.  You can listen to the replay here.