Why 12 positive? Well, it IS February 12, right? That is good enough for me so hang on tight.  Here we go.

Abraham Lincoln

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and as I write this from Chicago, the state of Illinois is celebrating his birthday.  No, it’s not a national holiday but it is a state holiday.  What does this have to do with 12 positive personality traits of effective people?

Lincoln was amazingly self confident. Think about it-he was uniquely unqualified to be president but he rose to the occasion.  Great communication skills were certainly in his wheelhouse and they didn’t call him Honest Abe for nothing!  (Remember the cherry tree story? Oh, wait, that was George Washington.  My bad.)

Still, Lincoln was a game changer.

My 12 Positive Trait List

I am certain that if you Google 12 Positive Traits of Effective People you can find beau coup choices.  Everybody has their list and they are all good! (In my opinion anything that is positive has merit.)

So, in no particular order,  my list of 12 positive personality traits include:

1. Self confidence

2. Gratitude

3. Humility

4. Good listener

5. Good communicator

6. Conscientiousness.

7. Open to new ideas.

8. Honesty

9. Compassionate.

10. Fearless.

11. Optimistic.

12. Independent.

What Would Lincoln Do?

I don’t know.  Really, I don’t know. But how about you?  What would you include on your list? What traits do you have and what traits do you wish/strive to have?

I’d really love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on this topic.



And Then?

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