Social distancing is the new normal for now. Six feet, please! (Actually the title of this blog could have been “Back Off, Bitch!” but I chose to tone it down.

This social distancing and the six feet rule are leading most artists and songwriters to go online in  a big way.  Make that a HUGE way!


As in “who’s got your back?” Well in this interesting and challenging time I’d like to humbly make some suggestions if you don’t have anyone assisting you with your social media.

A2B Digital is a South Bend IN firm that is kicking ass and taking names for artists.  The principal, August Blankenship is very knowledgeable and competent when it comes to the ever changing landscape of the online world.  His services range from social media guidance and consulting to all forms of idea generation and what I like to call “artist think tanks”! The link appears below.

Based in Nashville, Lucente Social Media is a recognized leader in social media and is run by James Lucente.  His background includes music production, music publishing, artist development and song placement for film and television. His link also appears below.


As in “In the off chance you AREN’T considering raising your online profile, perhaps you should reconsider.”  I’m just sayin’.  We are facing a new and most challenging time for creatives and perhaps you could use some assistance.


As in, “Don’t bitch to me if you lose ground.”  Why?  Because I am offering you some sound advice and two extremely competent professionals who can help.

A2B Digital

Lucente Social Media

My Top Ten Tips For Emerging Artists

You were born to win but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win. – Zig Ziglar

I wish you continued success!

Chris Keaton