I can help you. If you are a songwriter seeking a cut or an artist asking for a break, I’m your guy.

The maze in the picture above is a pretty good example of the music business.

I’m Chris and I can help you. You may find this boastful but please allow me to explain the C.H.R.I.S method.

C. Client Challenge.

With all due respect, let’s be real.  It ain’t easy.  As Jen Sincero says in her book YOU ARE A BADASS, “this shit ain’t for sissies.” There are quite a few great songs looking for a home and many great artists seeking attention to say the least.

The challenge that you and every potential client of mine faces is getting noticed.  Having your songs heard.  Being appreciated as the uniquely talented artist you are.  I can help.

H. Here’s How.

One word: access.  I can get to industry insiders that are nearly impossible for you to reach. With my help you can get a fair listen for your songs or a chance for decision makers to experience your talent.

R. Really?  Really.

I meet with record executives, managers, record producers and artists on a regular basis.  Because you are my client, you have access to those same people. It can make a real difference for you and your career.

I. I Can Help!

My experience as an entertainer, performing musician, artist manager and music publisher allow my clients a level of assistance that few companies or consultants can offer.  Most importantly, my service is as unique as your talent.

By now you’re most likely asking, “How may we get started?”

S. Simple.


Reach out to me.  Call me on 615.319.0575 or reach out to me by email chris@chriskeaton.com

Let’s get through this maze together!