Five words. I’m about to share the secret with you. The simple yet effective key to change your life. No kidding. I’m serious.


Besides the sound of one’s own name “please” is one of the most magical words in existence.  When you say “please” your chances of getting whatever you are requesting multiply exponentially.  This word has the power to open doors and work the most tremendous amounts of magic imaginable.

Thank You

These words are the secret sauce.  They are so easy to say and when you do say them you spread love and respect.  When you neglect to say them look out. It’s like standing on the fence and peeing in your neighbor’s pool. (Sorry, not sorry for that visual.)

My dear friend, Dennis begins every  email and text message by first saying thank you.  At first I found it odd but soon after realized the power of the two word phrase. It made me feel important.  It made me feel appreciated. It made me more receptive to whatever message followed.

You’re welcome

Arguably the two most important of the five words.  Easy to say but also easy NOT to say.  “You’re welcome” acknowledges the gift of someone saying “thank you”. It’s the simple gift you share with someone to let them know you recognize and appreciate the kindness of them thanking you.

But please remember this: “no problem”, “no worries” or even, “no, thank you” don’t get it. It cheapens the gift of “thank you” which you just received.

And Then There’s This

Please know that I appreciate you reading my posts.  Thank you for sharing a few moments of your attention.  And if you find them useful, you’re welcome.

If not, oh, well.

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