Red Eye as in beer with tomato juice. When I was a teenager and nearly old enough to legally drink, I learned about this drink as I was attempting to develop a taste for beer.


At 17, I had taken a job with a very highly regarded and popular local band called Company, Inc. after the sax player and one of the front men, Tommy Thompson, decided to move on.  (Tommy was a hero and mentor to me and we have continued a life long friendship). The drink of choice for the band was beer and the drug of choice was pot and both were plentiful. I had already acquired the taste for pot but not so much for beer.

I don’t recall exactly who introduced me to the red eye concept but I believe it was Bobby Guill, the drummer. Basically you add a measured (or not) amount of tomato juice into a glass or pitcher of beer and voila, red eye. Even though the taste still needed to be acquired it was not as steep a curve for me as straight beer at that point.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m neither advocating nor encouraging illegal behavior but it happened.

My point is this.  Getting over major hurdles is most times easier with consistent and intentional action in the direction of your goal.  As Mike Dooley states in his works, “baby steps.”  Or as I state here and now, “beer and tomato juice was my easy way to acquire the taste for beer.”

Whatever. It. Takes.

And now this.

Please know that I appreciate you reading my posts.  Thank you for sharing a few moments of your attention.  And if you find them useful, you’re welcome.  And if you are so inclined, let’s take nine minutes and see if I can help you be the best you that you can possibly be.

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