Great about today? Are you kidding? With all that’s going on?

Let’s start here

Like the T-shirt says, “Stay calm and carry on.”  And when you’re calm close your eyes and listen.  What do you hear? Maybe nothing but here’s what’s happening regardless: your heart is beating and you are breathing!

So, if my math is right that’s two things that are freaking great about today.

And then

If you follow my friend, Mike Dooley ( you have heard his GPS theory.  The Cliff Notes version is this- in order to get anywhere you have to have the destination in mind before you even start. And the once you are moving you have to remember other forces in the universe are at work (on your behalf) that you most likely will never realize until you reach your destination.

Think about that and smile. That’s three freaking great things.

And then

If you are an artist or songwriter this is without a doubt the best time of all. Huh?  Stay with me here.

In his book One Million Followers, author Brendan Kane states and I paraphrase : There are more self distribution platforms (Facebook, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music) and more direct access to artists themselves than ever before.  In the 80s and 90s there was far less music being produced because the channels for outlet available to artists were basically through television and radio.  And the only way to get on television or radio was through record companies.

That’s another.  Cheer up.  Stop whining and get to work counting the rest of the reasons this is such a freaking great day!!

Thank you

Here’s an easy first step to get you moving in the right direction.  My Twenty Questions for creatives.  Go on.  Click and get started. Have some fun with it and let’s assess where you are and what steps you should take next.

Take The Twenty

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Mike Dooley

Brendan Kane