I have the best clients in the world. Today I want to share two success stories. Not that I don’t have more. I do and I intend to spotlight more winners as I move forward but today it’s about the efforts of Michael Lemon and Tom Donald during these extraordinary times.

Michael Lemon

This devoted husband, father and creative soul has a burning desire to write, produce and perform music and that desire has not taken a rest during this pandemic.  If anything, the fire is burning even brighter.  Michael and his producer have found innovative and ingenious ways to finish a full album which will be released before the end of 2020. In fact, I received the proposed track sequence last night and am excited for the world to hear this project! I am proud that he is my client and friend.

Tom Donald

I am grateful I get to call this well read, outstandingly creative musician, songwriter, bass player and sharp dresser (check out the angle of that hat!) my client and friend. He has a catalog of songs created over time that he has now utilized as the basis of a forward thinking and thoroughly modern record company. Living in San Francisco during the lockdown did not seem to impede his progress at all.  He built and launched the platform, hiTRecords which continues to grow daily.


These two gentlemen have found their own definitions of success and take daily steps forward even if they are baby steps. I salute and applaud them.

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Photo Credit: Success.com c. 2020

Michael Lemon

Tom Donald