What can I do for you? What, indeed.

Not a single day goes by that someone doesn’t ask, “What do you really do?”

Simple answer: I help people. Here are a few of the services I provide.

Me: Artists, What Can I do For You?

For emerging artists I offer consulting services to assist you in moving your career forward.  It’s a crazy business and in order to succeed you need a navigator; someone who’s been there, done that. Among other things I offer assistance in stepping up your live game, arranging a killer set list and other performance tips.  Need help getting noticed by agents, labels and brands? I’m your guy.  Social media help?  Yep, I have colleagues to whom I can refer you to really move the needle for you.

Fashion and styling tips are also a specialty.  Helping you get noticed is so important and I firmly believe (and am a living example) that the better you dress, the more you get noticed.

I will be your advocate.

Me: Songwriters, What Can I Do For You?

Together, let’s create that plan to understand how the business really works. I can assist in not only pitching your songs to music industry decision makers but also coaching to help you be a better writer. To gain insight into what recording artists, labels and managers really want in songs. And when they want them.

Are you looking for co-writing partners but don’t know where to start?  I have successfully connected writers who have gone on to write hit songs with each other.

I will be your advocate.

You: What Can I Do?

Reach out to me and let’s create a plan.  My introductory plans start at $200 per month and can bring real value.

What are you waiting for?