Tip Number Three on my list of tips for emerging artists is “Stay In Touch,” and it’s a really crucial step in the process of gaining traction for your career.

Quick Rewind

Okay, since you read Tip Numbers One and Two and are getting out there, meeting and greeting people and following up with them in a reasonable amount of time, bravo!

There’s more.  (Come on, you really didn’t think you were done, did you!?!)

I Gotta Do What?

STAY. IN. TOUCH.  Yes, you have to stay in touch with people. Otherwise, you run the very real risk of having them forget who the heck you are! The people you want to meet (and need to know) are busy.  They typically meet tens or hundreds of artists in a month, and it’s easy for them to lose track or forget. But you can stand out and be memorable as the one who stays in touch.

Yes, this is similar, but different from Tip Number Two.

Think of this: if you have a deadline with someone but can’t meet it, let them know.  Even if you have no news, it is is better to communicate that you have no news than to not call at all.

Get it?

Here’s more.

If you come across an article or blog post you think may interest that person, send it them with a note/email/text saying, “I thought of you when I read this and thought it might be of interest to you.” Then add, “Please let me know when we can get together again.”

Mission accomplished.  You have stayed in touch.  And, remembering Tip Number Two, you have found the sweet spot between being in their face and on their mind.

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