As part of our commitment to Lipscomb University’s Joshua Project mentoring program, Nordista Freeze and I meet about once a week for coffee and conversation. I always leave our meetings feeling as though I have received a gift.

Freeze shared some news with me about some incredible opportunities he has in front of him.  He and I talked about the aspects of certainty versus uncertainty and, more importantly, the reality that if you don’t ask the right question or accept an opportunity, the answer is always no. I mentioned to him that I had heard that in any question or need for a decision there are only three possible outcomes: yes; no; or renegotiate. And I went on to say that this knowledge of only three possible outcomes should give us the confidence to take whatever that next step might be.

After more conversation we ended our visit and went our separate ways.

Last night, as I was pondering some next steps I needed to take for my business,  I realized I was procrastinating in asking some people some very important questions…then the gift appeared out of the blue. I remembered my conversation with Freeze about the three possible outcomes. I had to smile and be grateful to God for the gift.

Today I am asking those questions and accepting one of the three outcomes because of yesterday’s gift.

Thank you, Lord, for the conversation and the gift..and thank you,  Freeze, for the reminder.

Until next time, friends….be nice!

Chris Keaton is a Nashville TN based entertainment industry executive, music consultant, bon vivant and lover of great music, wine, fashion and fast cars.