Zac Price is an artist whose time is coming.  His incredible work ethic, enthusiasm and desire are unmatched. Jerry Wheeler introduced me to Zac earlier this year and after a few phone conversations, Zac and I decided to work together.

In the short few months that we’ve been a team, he has challenged me and come further faster than I could have imagined. Bottom line…he GETS it.  He knows what he wants and is on his own path to achieving it. He continues to grow as a writer and performer and he is a student of this ever-changing business.

He may get down but he’ll never be out.  His spirit is too strong and his talent keeps him moving ever forward.

I Tip My Hat To Mr. Price

If I wore a hat, I’d tip it to him (but with this great hair, are you kidding me?  Cover it with a hat? No way!).

All joking aside, watch Zac Price.  He’s going somewhere. To the top!

Until next time, friends….be nice!

Chris Keaton is a Nashville TN based entertainment industry executive, music consultant, bon vivant and lover of great music, wine, fashion and fast cars.