My mother, Jeanean Dearman Lewis, is in her eighties.  She lives in the moment and loves life. She is on Facebook every single day. She lives about 400 miles away from Nashville, but today, my family and I were front row for her Christmas Music Recital. In fact, since at the last minute, she enlisted me as her emcee and sheet music page turner, I sat on the piano bench beside her.

My mother started playing piano at about four years old.  She was so small she could not reach the pedals when she sat upon the piano bench. My grandfather made wooden extension legs in order for her to reach the piano pedals. She later learned to play the organ and was a gifted, noted (and highly sought after) church organist for many, many years (she’d scold me if I told you how many).

She has had health challenges like anyone her age so when she announced this idea for the Christmas Program we were all surprised, as well as excited.

We arrived today at the venue and Mom had a bad cold, didn’t feel that great, but in her own inimitable way, it was “The show must go one!”

She played beautifully, not missing a note.  Her hands glided across the keyboard in ways that blew my mind. Her technique, touch and finesse were as marvelous as always and I (as well as the entire audience of about 40 people) were mesmerized during the entire thirty five minute concert.

The applause between each song was heartfelt and strong. You could feel the love flowing both ways from the audience to my mother and vice versa. At the end, she got a standing ovation.

Music: A Wonderful Gift

Once again today I realized how much music changes peoples’ lives.  It took my mother from Wichita Falls, Texas to Virginia and beyond.  Her music has touched countless peoples lives at churches, recitals, talent shows and even the Vinton Lions Club Minstrel Shows of the 1960s! As a long time Organist Guild member, she met people from all around the world! Can you imagine?

And today, she shared her gift yet again and changed peoples’ lives, mine included.

Think about that, dear reader when you get down in the dumps and question why you’re in the business… or when you can’t seem to get a break…or you can’t get someone to return your call…or the club isn’t as crowded as you had hoped. Think on your music and how it affects people and changes not only your life but their’s, too.

Today’s music lesson is simple. My mother has a gift. You have one, too. I suggest you do as she does and share your gift with others freely and often.

Until next time, friends….be nice!