Heartbroken.  I am sorry to say that I did not know of the passing of B.E. Taylor in August of this year. He was a passionate and compassionate man and a true artist who found his lane.

For those uninitiated, B.E. Taylor (Bill) was one of the world’s great singers.  Soulful, rocking voice with an incredible range and timbre. He was a true artist in every sense of the word.  In 1984, he and his band, the B.E. Taylor Group toured extensively and had a song (Vitamin L) in heavy rotation on MTV (when MTV meant “Music Television”).

In 1991, Bill, a dedicated Christian, contributed a reworking of “Silent Night” to a local station’s Christmas compilation, launching his second career as a holiday performer.

I met Bill in 1993, shortly after moving to Nashville.  Our mutual friend and incredible guitarist, Steve Shuffert introduced us when Bill was about to begin recording what was to become his first Christmas CD.  He allowed me to record Steve’s tracks for the project at our studio in Nashville. Little did I know what was to come.

The CD, B.E. Taylor Christmas absolutely blew up. Annual sold out Christmas shows followed at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh.  And then came Christmas 2 and Christmas 3 projects…B.E. Taylor became a Christmas tradition in his hometown and beyond.

He found his lane.  Yes, he was a successful artist before, but once he discovered the niche for his own unique contemporary versions of Christmas classics (and orginial compostions), his career blossomed.
And now, his legacy is the body of work and love and family he left behind.  One of a kind.  B.E. Taylor Christmas. I’ll miss his smile and his laugh, but I’ll remember him every Christmas as we play his CDs over and over.

Find Your Lane (Like B. E. Taylor)

There’s a lesson here.  Find your lane.  Like Bill, you need to find what you can do in a more unique style than anyone else.  Your style.  Your lane.  May I remind you there is only one you…and no one else can do what YOU can do. Embrace your passion and work, work, work on it.  Make it happen.

Hey, if you want help finding YOUR lane, contact me at chris@chriskeaton.com and let’s make your plan.
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