Defining moments.  We all have them. One of mine was meeting artist management guru and music industry icon, Bill Aucoin. He become my management mentor and model.

I met Bill in 1998 in Miami.  My artist, Mike Younger had been invited to play at a songwriter’s showcase hosted by Desmond Child.  When Mike was performing at soundcheck, Bill, who was there with his client, Cindy Bullens, came over and introduced himself.  It took me a moment, but when I realized who he was, it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Kiss.  Billy Idol.  Billy Squire.  They were all who they were in large part because of Bill. Wow!

During Mike’s performance that evening, Bill came over and sat beside me and gushed over Mike’s talent and how fortunate I was to have found him.  We traded contact info and over the next few days by phone, really got to know and like each other.

In short order, we became business partners and the fun began. Before we knew it, Mike had a record deal and his debut CD was being produced by Rodney Crowell. Bill’s stories of the time with Kiss and Billy Idol were legendary… grandiose… mind blowing.  Indeed, Bill was legendary… grandiose… mind blowing.

When he walked in the room, people noticed. His confidence was evident in everything he did.  He was the man. And he taught me.

How to dress.  Sure, once you’ve made it, you can do as you please, but before then, that initial impression speaks volumes to the people you meet. I believe in this in a big way and it has paid dividends beyond the obvious. In 2014 I was voted one of the top three in the 2014 Vanity Fair International Best Dressed Challenge and it has led to my affiliation with Dapperfied, where I write a regular column on fashion and style.

How to speak. With confidence but not arrogance. My clients appreciate this level of self confidence. The same kind of self confidence that I will use when I represent you.

How to listen. Intently and actively. He taught me we have two ears and one mouth and that we should use them accordingly.

How to pick artists.  They must be characters. I’m looking for characters…if you are one reach out to me.

How to have fun.  It was over the top. I encourage all of my clients to look for the fun in this business.

I got the call on June 28, 2010 that Bill had passed.  I’m still not over it.  I still hear his sing-song voice on the phone.  I still see his smile…that laugh. I still see the look on that hotel desk clerk’s face in Austin as he asked, “THE Bill Aucoin?”

Thank you, Bill. Onward and upward.

Hey, I can help you reach your goals in the music business.  I learned from some of the best and now YOU can benefit from my accumulated knowledge. What are you waiting for? Reach out. I can’t help you until you do.