Tora Fisher is a success story. She is an amazing artist with a compelling narrative.   We worked together when she released her first full length album Spilling Over and we promoted it to AAA Radio. Triple A is a radio format which tends to be left of center and great starting point for emerging singer songwriters. When they embrace an artist, they claim said artist as their own.

One of the best decisions we made was to attend the AAA Radio Convention in Boulder CO and in brainstorming for making the trip a success we came upon a brilliant idea.  (In full disclosure, the original idea was not mine, however, it WAS my idea to turn the idea into action.)

We learned that the host hotel was offering the chance for an artist to have their picture and project information printed on the guest room key cards during the convention so that anytime an attendee used the card to enter his guestroom, he would see Tora’s face.  So, several times each day of the convention, Tora was making an impression on the guests. It worked like a charm.

By the time we arrived at the convention, everyone seemed to know her and greeted her by name.  Total strangers came up and initiated conversations.  Radio programmers and consultants asked for her music. Needless to say, the convention was a complete success, in no small part to the key card gimmick.

Here’s the key

The lesson here is that great ideas are a dime a dozen until you put them into action.  And putting great ideas into positive action is one of the ways I assist artists and writers with their careers.

Are you an artist or songwriter wanting to move your career to the next level? Reach out to me today and let’s start a plan for you.