Bucket List. You know, that list of the things you really want to get done before you kick it, so to speak. Nearly every songwriter I meet has “Playing The Bluebird” on that list.  Well, this week I was fortunate to have been able to assist Johnny Orr, Justine Blazer, Justin Weaterbee and Erik Halbig do just that. ✔️ – Check.

My job is to assist my artists in finding opportunities to advance their musical career.  #TakeTheTwenty  is one of the ways I am able to begin.  With these four artists, I am helping them by identifying their goals and creating and executing a plan to hit those benchmarks.  Bucket List. Playing the Bluebird.  ✔️ – Check.

The real bonus for me is to be in the audience or on the side of the stage watching this magic unfold.  The Bluebird Cafe offers the unique and intimate experience of being up close and personal with songwriters singing their material in a raw, unadorned setting.  The songs take on a new life as these talents share them. (If you’ve never been to a Bluebird show, I highly recommend you add that to YOUR bucket list.)

On Thursday night, February 16, 2017, I witnessed Justin, Johnny, Justine and Erik transform a room of strangers into a close group of friends with the common love of music.  As I say all the time, music changes peoples’ lives and that night, that show changed the lives of everyone present. In less than two hours, these exceptional artist/writers created magic. And that’s a Bucket List item for me that I like to do over and over again. Yeah, that’s right – ✔️ – Check.

The performers had the thrill of achieving a life changing goal (Playing the Bluebird).  The audience had the life changing experience of hearing new songs which moved them to laughter or tears or one of many other emotions.  And I had the joy of being present and witnessing it all.  It was truly a defining moment for all of us, and a big ✔️ – Check.

Again, my job is to assist my artists and clients to identify opportunities and create plans to maximize those opportunities. #TakeTheTwenty  is one of the ways I can assist you. If you’re interested in moving the needle on your music career, reach out to me and let’s get started so we can get some ✔️ – Checks working for you.