© 2017 – (left to right) Mike Greenly, Tony Moran and Curtis Urbina

If you haven’t heard of Mike Greenly, don’t worry, you will. Though he resides in New York City, professional speechwriter and coach, songwriter, lyricist, theater aficionado and true renaissance man, Mike is a son of the south; Beaufort, South Carolina to be exact. Five of his songs have made the Billboard charts and his most recent hit, “Say Yes” by Jason Walker made it all the way to Number One!! From Beaufort to Billboard indeed!

Mike’s speech writing (his day gig) has won acclaim for his knack of capturing his client’s thoughts and messages with clarity and creativity. Clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Google, ExxonMobil and many others praise the quality of his work. Don’t take my word for it, read how his clients rave about him!

Pursuing His Passion

As a professional, Mike creates defining moments for his clients but, in my opinion, his REAL passion, his true gift is penning incredible song lyrics.  In fact, he’s not just good at it, he’s great.  His lyrics are always conversational, on message, he exhibits great word economy and they even rhyme!!! (OK, that last one is just me trying to be funny.) He and I have been working together for years and have had some success.

In 2014, I was able to introduce Mike to professor and historian, Bud Robertson from Virginia. This highly esteemed professor and historian was desperately seeking a quality lyricist to create a new state song, since Virginia had been without one for years.  The end result was Mike writing the lyric to the new Traditional State Song of Virginia.  Maximizing the momentum of this event, Mike went on to write his five Billboard charting songs. But he’s not done yet.

Perfecting Your Passion

One of the services I provide Mike (and all of my clients) is the opportunity to have bi-weekly conference calls to discuss song pitches, critique songs  and brainstorm ideas. With these calls we stay on track and are accountable to one another. Ideas seem to appear out of thin air on these calls.  I also am always available to Mike (and, again, to all my clients) to review and critique new lyrics.

Mike insists that he is a better lyricist because of my feedback.  That’s extremely flattering. We make a great team and it’s working together that helps improve Mike’s innate talent. All I know is that I love bringing to all the people with whom I work, a steady focus on helping them achieve their own individual goals.

I am proud to have a talent such as Mike as a treasured client. Beaufort to Billboard and Beyond! Right now, Mike and I are focused on Beyond!

Maybe I can assist you in your songwriting or artist journey, as well.  Start with #TakeTheTwenty and then reach out to me.  chris@chriskeaton.com