Are you in the groove or in a rut? For the creative mind it’s either – or; you’re either rocking right along or stuck.  But, if you think about it, they are both kind of the same thing.

Hear Me Now.

When you’re in the groove, you’re in that flow state, you know, the zone.  You are so in sync that the melodies arrive seemingly from nowhere and everything magically rhymes. On stage, the right notes and licks appear and you deliver them flawlessly.

When you’re in a rut it’s the same old same old. Routine. Boring. You just can’t seem to find the magic.  That inspiration that was just here yesterday left town without saying goodbye. Songwriters and authors may even develop writer’s block from being in a rut.

Believe Me Later.

The inspiration and magic are still there, just out of sight for the time being.  But, by keeping the right perspective you can always bring them back. One of the services I bring to my clients, songwriters and artists is perspective.  When they’re in that groove I encourage them and keep them accountable.  All the while I know that sooner or later they will get into a rut.  When they do I continue to encourage them and keep them accountable.  I remind them of the idea journal they are keeping  (you ARE keeping one, aren’t you?!?) to jump start new songs. You know, the journal with bits and pieces, chorus and melody ideas, and titles that you never threw away but kept them, just in case.

I Am Here.

Remember Hans and Franz from Saturday Night Live?  In an odd way, being Hans and Franz is my job with my clients: to pump them up. Keep them moving forward, sticking to their plan. Whether they’re in the groove or in a rut, I am there for them.

To Pump You Up!

Reach out to me and let’s make a plan for you.  Together, let’s find more grooves than ruts for your career.

#TakeTheTwenty is the first step.  Come on.