(Photo by LaVan @everydaylavan Anderson)

One way or another, live performances are powerful. As an artist, performances are your chance to prove that you’ve got it or not.

Just last week, I attended a Grammy-sponsored event here in Nashville. I knew there were going to be some well known artists, engineers and producers there, but it was a performance by some artists not even on my radar that rocked me back on my heels.

Hearing the mega talented engineer, Boo Mitchell (son of Willie Mitchell) interview Jermaine Dupri and Anthony Hamilton was great, but the absolute best part of the evening was the performance by Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones.

OMG.  They smoked it, burnt it up and turned it out.  The room was absolutely electrified by four voices and an acoustic guitar!  Did you hear me? ONLY FOUR VOICES AND SIX STRINGS!  The vibe, the sound and the feelings were off the charts.

Here are a few things I tell my artists/clients about the power of performance.

Ya Gotta Bring It!

Talk is a good thing but bringing it and singing it onstage, live, without a net is something else.  And the truth is, if you don’t at least attempt to do that at every performance you don’t stand a chance.  As an artist you have to be strong enough to move people.  Move them to dance, laugh, sing, or cry and if you do they’ll remember you. If you don’t, they won’t.

Or worse yet, they’ll remember that you didn’t!

Ya Can’t Wing It!

Don’t for a second think you can fool the audience.  They know when you’re feeling it because they feel it too.  We’ve all witnessed artists “phoning it in” and we know how much that sucks.  Don’t do it.  Be for real.

Just Sing It!

Like the Nike slogan says “Just Do It” I say “Just Sing It!” Share your gift with your audience the best and most real way you can and they will love you. And maybe even become fans for life and brand ambassadors for you!

Here’s the bottom line.  Before Thursday evening, I had never heard of The Hamiltones.  Now, I am still inspired enough about their live performance to be writing about them as an example to my readers and clients.

Let me help you get there.  Reach out to me and let’s make a plan.


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