Three wishes, it’s everyone’s fantasy, right? (Well, maybe except for this.) To be able to go back in time and know what you know now. Well, if I was an artist just starting out I know three things I would absolutely, positively do.


(Ariana Grande, c. 2016

First, I’d identify a successful artist with whom I could see myself on tour as their opening act. Then I’d research how they got from where I am (at the starting line) to where they are (record deal, tours, fans, etc.) and I’d map out a strategic plan to follow. Step by step. Inch by inch.

Some of the questions I would want to ask are:

  • How did they get the attention of a manager? Their agent?
  • Who helps with social media?
  • Who discovered them?
  • Who introduced them to his label?
  • What clubs did they play on the beginning?
  • How did they land those gigs?

Of course there are more questions, but you get the idea.


(Kenny Chesney and manager, Dale Morris, c. 2014 Terry Wyatt)

My next step would be to find someone who has been there.  Someone who has tasted the success I want and is willing to share  some insight and knowledge on the whole process.

And guess what?  They’re out there.  In most cases, all you have to do is ask.  In fact, one of the secrets I discovered when I moved to Nashville was that the most successful people in the business were more than willing to spend some time with you if you’re professional and courteous in your approach. ( I also learned that the most successful ones also knew there was more than enough success for everyone and they weren’t afraid to spill the beans on their secrets to success.)


(The Beatles and manager, Brian Epstein, c.1999

And then I’d find one of these; a connector, a rabid fan, an expert on the inside who believed in me unconditionally.  Someone who would move heaven and earth for me and assist me in making and following a plan for success and helping me stick to it.

And again, guess what?  They’re out there and if you’re intentional about your career you will find them.

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe not.  But isn’t your career worth at least taking three steps to find out?

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