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This week I finished John Oates’ new book.  It’s a fun read with lots of inside stories about his life and, yes, some tales about his life as one half of one the most successful duos of all time, Daryl Hall and John Oates. I highly recommend it!

The book is also filled with cautionary tales and real valuable ideas for emerging artists and songwriters.

One example of this, which really strikes a chord with me, is this excerpt from the Afterword:

“One thing we learned over the years was that there was never any guarantee of success. All you could do is do what you do and hope for the best. Work as hard as you can and hopefully good things will come from it.”

The Message


If that doesn’t speak to every emerging songwriter and artist, I don’t know what does.  Here are my takeaways from this:
  • Nothing is guaranteed – Amen.  If someone guarantees success for you, run.
  • Follow you heart – Do what you do, the best that you can
  • Hope for the best – Stay positive and be grateful that you get to do what you do
  • Work as hard as you can – Keep writing, keep learning, keep performing
  • Hopefully good things will come from it – Again, be grateful that you get to do what you do. That gratefulness is it’s own reward.

The Plan

You need one.

These are all wonderful ideas to keep you motivated, but you need a plan.  If you don’t have one, get one.  Or call me and let’s make one for you.Now you can either hire me or not.  Your call, but find someone to help you along this journey.

The Twenty

My free gift to you is this brief exercise to help you assess where you are and where you want to go.  I hope you’ll find it to be helpful.So, #TakeTheTwenty. You did Take
The Twenty, right?  If not, why not do it now?