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One afternoon at the pool a few years ago, I witnessed my late acquaintance, Danny Petraitis teaching his son how to dive into the pool. Each time before the young boy would try, Danny would pound on his own chest with his fist and firmly state, “Confidence! Confidence!” His son would mimic him and then bravely attempt to dive into the deep end. Before long, the boy was diving like a pro.


Confidence is absolutely necessary in any field, but certainly a must in the music business. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not confusing confidence with arrogance. Confidence speaks quietly, arrogance shouts. Confidence exudes strength, arrogance masks weakness.

Author Tim Sanders shares, “Confidence is rocket fuel,” in his book Today We Are Rich.” I couldn’t agree more.

In the music business confidence is key. Ya gotta have it to succeed.

In the music business, arrogance is the road to ruin.

As I’ve heard it said many times in my career, with the right attitude you can push a door open but with the wrong attitude you can push a door shut.

Back to Danny’s son. Although I haven’t seen him since witnessing him diving confidently into the pool, my notion is that the lesson stuck with him not only in diving but in life.

The Twenty and Your Confidence

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