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Fifty Bucks

Just exactly what will fifty bucks buy you these days?


Let’s see.  Dinner for two at a decent restaurant. A nice supply of guitar strings. Some software for your home recording studio. All good things. So where do you get the $50? Between now and August 15, I am offering new clients $50 off the monthly fee for the first three months of service.

Do What?

That’s right.  I’m making this special limited offer for new song plugging or artist development clients who sign up for my services between now and August 15.

My services have been beneficial and valuable to many and I want to extend that value to new clients. And I’m offering you a discounted rate to get in now!

I am confident my services, song critiques, coaching, consultation and career development will bring value to you. I have helped many clients over the years improve their careers by getting songs cut for them or opening the doors that led to greater success for them.

What’re You Waiting For?

Yeah, you.  Don’t just sit on the sidelines. Get in the game and let’s build a plan for you starting here:


The Twenty

Here’s the first step in moving the needle on your career and it’s FREE! This brief exercise will help you assess where you are and where you want to go. I am certain you’ll find it to be helpful.  And then reach out to me and let me offer you the new client discount and get you started.So, #TakeTheTwenty. You did Take The Twenty, right?  If not, why not do it now?

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