Here’s the topic: Stop whining and start winning. Whining takes a lot of energy. So does winning. Don’t get emotional. Talk amongst yourselves.  In fact, it takes the same amount of energy whining or winning. In his newsletter, The Lefsetz Letter , Bob Lefsetz addresses this topic in a similar manner which I am going to co-opt for this post.

Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

  • Whiners think they know everything. Winners are always learning.
  • Whiners blame everyone else for their lack of success.  Winners blame no one and focus on moving forward.
  • Whiners are worried about what others think. Winners let their music do the talking.
  • Whiners are insecure and prove it every day. Winners are extremely confident and prove it every day.
  • Whiners believe in instant success and can’t believe no one will give them the credit they deserve. Winners know that anything worth accomplishing takes time and energy.
  • Whiners get nervous.  Winners may be anxious but they have performed the tasks so many times they allow instinct to take over and go on with their experience.

The list goes on.  But instead of choosing to stay in this niche and bitch (another gem from Bob Lefsetz), let’s take the positive route.

Start Winning

We all make choices every day.  Left or right, wrong or right, half and half or almond milk?

How about considering this one:  Are you going to stay positive and keep the creative muse flowing or whine and complain and waste your creative energies there? It’s a simple yet profound choice we ALL have to make. Whining or winning?  Your choice.

Step One for Winners – #TakeTheTwenty

1) #TakeTheTwenty This free step will help you and me assess where you are and where you need to go from here. And it costs you nothing!

2) Reach out to me  Let’s discuss how I may be able to assist you.

3) Let’s get winning.

Photo Credits: Cover, c. 2017  Jackey Backman; Cheese, c.2017; Flags, c.2017 ClipArt