Clint and Tate Richardson are badass bulldozers and you can quote me on that!  Let me explain. Several weeks ago I wrote a post about disruption in the entertainment industry and suggested that there are two camps: badasses (bulldozers) and buildings (the status quo). The first camp are those artists who choose to move forward and the second are those who continue to try the same tired old routes and end up with the same results (I seem to remember that being a definition of insanity.)

Alyssa Jacey is definitely in the former group and so are Clint and Tate Richardson.


These guys rock.  All the time. In multiple bands and in multiple projects. Hey, badasses these days know you can’t just do one thing and expect to make it in the business. With my help,Clint and Tate are maximizing their opportunities for success.

Clint plays in several different bands and is the “go to” guitarist for rock tribute shows.  Most recently (as “Bitchin’ Richardson”) he and his mates rocked a sold out show at The Basement East in Nashville for the Ozzy Osborne Tribute.

Tate, with his own band Nine Mile High play shows around Nashville and continue to build a solid fan base.  Following some of my ideas, Tate has gotten local airplay and is on the verge of gaining airplay regionally for Nine Mile High.


Neither Clint nor Tate are willing to settle for just these initiatives.  They are also key members of emerging country rock artist, Cody Parks’ band The Dirty South and appear regularly at Nashville venue, The Country.

When they play on their own, Tate and Clint are badasses.  But when they play together, they are badass bulldozers!

As part of the plan I created especially for them we attend industry events such as the NAMM Show, publishing open houses in order to raise their profile.  And we are currently investigating endorsement deals and interviews for the brothers.As I like to say, “Haven’t heard about the Richardson brothers?  Don’t worry, you will soon!!”

In fact, I’ll keep you updated on their progress.


It’s working for them and it can work for you, too!! (If you want to be a badass bulldozer and NOT a building!)

And here’s where to start:

1) #TakeTheTwenty This free step will help you and me assess where you are and where you need to go from here. And it costs you nothing!

2) Reach out to me  Let’s discuss how I may be able to assist you.

3) Let’s rock!!!




Photo Credit: Cover; c2017 Rick Malkin