Being a songwriter is a funny thing. Once your heart tells you to start you really can’t stop. That’s Seth Burke’s story.

The story goes that even though he is known for many different talents, Kris Kristofferson always lists his occupation as songwriter. In my humble opinion, the songwriters I feature on my posts should do the same.


Seth Burke happened to meet an old friend of mine at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  Seth mentioned that he was a songwriter and she suggested he reach out to me. We began working together and in short order I noticed each song he submitted was better that the one before so I encouraged him to continue writing.


His home is in Leslie, West Virginia and he is a family man with a wife and three daughters. If you ask him he’ll tell you his biggest music influence has been the Eagles.  He grew up listening to them on the radio and he even has written a song which is a tribute to the reverence he feels for the band.


Although his day gig is selling cars at the local Ford dealership he never loses sight of what is important and he works hard on both his day job and his life’s calling of songwriting.  It’s a tough balance sometimes but somehow he always stays intentional and focused on the big picture. Some of the best calls I get are when that 304 area code shows up on my Caller ID and it’s Seth saying, “I’ve got a good one for you!”


Seth recently got an independent cut which made some impact on the Music Row charts and in my humble opinion, that is just the beginning. Here’s why: Seth says, “I try to write meaningful songs.” Isn’t that what it’s really all about?