Jay Segel told me, “I was a musician before I was a physician.”  I say he’s a badass.


Jay truly was a musician before he was a physician. He was born in Detroit and grew up listening to the lush harmonies and killer bass lines of the golden age of Motown.  Smokey.  Marvin.  The Four Tops. You get the picture.

He now calls West Tilsbury, on Martha’s Vineyard home.  His deep love and appreciation for all genres of music (French, country, pop, jazz) come through in his original material.  His catalog is deep and continues to grow.  Jay certainly seems to have found the perfect balance between his life as a physician and his life as a musician. 

His musical influences include James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Indigo Girls, Don Henley and Jean-Jacque Goldman.  He has two albums available on iTunes.



Jay is a practicing podiatrist. His thriving, private practice specializes in Biomechanics, sports medicine and rehabilitative foot care.  His patients know and love his music and he sometimes even has them singing along in his office.  How cool is that?!?

And if this weren’t enough, he is also the inventor of the DynaFlange, an amazing orthotic which is positively impacting the lives of people around the world.

Musician Before a Physician Equals Badass

Allow me to say that I also really enjoy my conversations with Jay.  He has a unique and special outlook on life.  He loves his life and takes nothing for granted (there’s a lesson there for all of us).  Jay finds beauty and music everywhere and his muse is never far away.  He gets to help people as a physician.  And as a musician he adds beauty and melody to our lives.

Over lunch yesterday it hit me that Jay Segel is a badass. Here are links to his music:

Extended Family

Point Of View