Yeah, right. The NEW 7 what? Is this some kind of joke? Well, actually it is but hey, it got you here.

Not a single day goes by that someone doesn’t ask, “What do you really do?”

Simple answer: I help people. And in this post, I’m going to share three ideas which I hope you will find to be helpful and of value.

Watch your mouth

Try something new here: listen to the words you use. If someone asks how you’re doing do you respond with, “I’m so busy,” or “I’m so stressed,” or something equally negative? Or do you smile and say, “I’m having a GREAT day,” or “Fabulous,” or anything else upbeat?

Here’s the truth, when you put that negative energy out there one of two things happens: it either comes right back to you or the person to whom you’re speaking gets the heck away from you.

Keep it positive!

Who’s Your Buddy?

Who do you spend the most time with? Are you surrounded by happy, upbeat, creative and fun loving people (like YOU, of course!)? Or are your friends always complaining, spreading equal amounts of gloom and doom?

Well, if you have positive leaning friends I can guess that you’re that way most of the time, too. And when difficulties come along (and they inevitably do), your emotional bucket is filled with cheer and it helps you through the challenges.

Keep your inner circle tight and upbeat!


Everybody looks and feels better when they smile. People respond to a smile in a positive manner (or they wonder what you’re up to and either way you win.

What Can You Do?

Forget about the New 7 Superfoods and try these three simple ideas and see how it can change your world in a positive manner.

Then, reach out to me and let’s create a roadmap for your career.  My introductory plans start at $100 per month and can bring real value to you as an artist or songwriter.

What are you waiting for?