More like mixed bag of emotions today.


Twenty seven years ago today Gina and I moved Nashville and our Music City journey began.  Thankfully it has been full of more ups than downs.  The decision to move here happened earlier that year (1993) when Tommy Holcomb and I were in Nashville recording a jingle. After the session we had dinner at Randy Rayburn’s Sunset Grill (which subsequently became my “go to” restaurant until they closed several years ago.

Not ready to retire we went across the street to an after hours bar behind Jo Dee’s Hot Chicken Club and had a few drinks.  Sitting next to us was Don Everly.  During the spirited (in more ways than one) conversation, Don laughed, slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “You boys oughta move down here!” I thought, that’s a great idea.

Since I had no cell phone, I stepped out to the payphone to make that call (you know, the one husbands make whenever we travel) during which I informed Gina that we ought to move to Nashville.  She asked, “You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?” I said I had. She said, “Call me tomorrow,” and hung up. Click.

The next morning we set the plan in motion.


Yesterday I heard rumblings from friends that Mac Davis wasn’t doing well and this morning I heard he had passed. Incredible songwriter, entertainer and one of a kind character.

I listened to his recording of “In The Ghetto” and as I rediscovered the poignant lyric I couldn’t help crying and thinking how little things have changed since he felt enough pain and empathy for other human beings he didn’t even know to write such a moving song. Damn.

R.I.P. Mac.

Mixed Bag

So with a little sadness for his passing but joy that he had shared his unique talents with us I moved on into my day with gratitude and love.

Thank you, Nashville for twenty seven great years (and more to come).

Thank you, Mac for all the love you gave us all.

In The Ghetto