Nutritious foods? Who cares about that this week? Are you kidding me?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Certainly we have better things to think about.


Of course you do!  If you are a creative, an artist, a songwriter stop.  Stop and take the time to listen to your inner voice.  It’s 9 out of 10 times more correct than any voice around you. Stop worrying about failing once in awhile.  Stop sharing your failures but learn from them and remember if you don’t play you’ll never win


Drop a few lines or a new melody.  Doodle.  Play around and remember that daydreaming is not necessarily wasted time. Drop everything and feel the euphoria right now for the song or performance you’re going to create in the future and take time to celebrate. Drop to your knees and be thankful for your gift of creativity.


Roll on. Roll on and keep moving forward. Never for a moment forget that your work as an artist is essential.  Roll on and go with your gut because the minute you don’t roll with your instincts you’re toast.

Most Nutritious foods


Pick up your phone, dial my number and say these nine words:

“Hey, CK, can you help me with my career?”

It’s. That. Easy. Reach out to me. Now. Let’s take five minutes and see if I can help you be the best you that you can possibly be. Well, that is unless you’ve decided that you’d rather focus on food. Nonsense.

Thank you!

Hey, here’s a simple and easy first step to get you moving in the right direction.  My Twenty Questions for creatives.  Go on.  Click and get started. Have some fun with it and let’s assess where you are and what steps

Take The Twenty

My hope for you is that each day you stop, drop and roll on to a better, stronger you!


Photo Credit: c. 2020