Last week in my blog titled Success Stories, I featured Michael Lemon and Tom Donald. This week, I’d like to spotlight two more clients who have refused to stand down and sit idly by during this pandemic and virtual (and real) lockdown.


Lee Lessack introduced me to Joe Settineri nearly ten years ago when Lee and I hosted an internet radio show called LML Music Presents. Joe is a singer songwriter and a talent with which to be reckoned.  He has an exceptional voice and and a “never say die” spirit.  During the past nine months, this independent artist has released new music and grown his Spotify streams to over half a million. All the while maintaining a household with two children attending school from home! The link to his music appears below.


My colleague, James Lucente introduced me to David Alexander late last year and this badass continues to impress me daily with his work ethic, songwriting and singing.  He also has a full time day job which keeps him busy but he always finds time for what matters most for his career.  He has been writing, writing and writing some more during this trying time and when we emerge from this overcast time, look out.


These two gentlemen have found their own definitions of success and take daily steps forward even if they are baby steps. I salute and applaud them.

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Photo Credit: c. 2020

Joe Settineri

David Alexander