Number Two on my list of tips is “The Art of Follow Up,” and it’s a really crucial step in the process of gaining traction for your career.


Since you read Tip Number One, See and Be Seen, and are getting out there, meeting and greeting people in this “hopefully-the-pandemic-end-is-in-sight-period”, I would guess you are also sharing your contact info (business card, phone number, email address, etc.) and requesting the same from those you see. Bravo!

Let’s say you got the contact info of someone who can really assist you.  You are excited. Fired up! Stoked, jazzed, pumped, whatever!

Now what?

Don’t freak out. It’s not that tough.

Here’s what I suggest you do. Later in the evening after the occasion or first thing the following morning, send a simple email reading: “I really enjoyed meeting you last night at (the event) and really enjoyed your comments about (whatever you spoke about).”  These elements are key.  Just in case the person met 100 other people at the event who are following up, this may jog their memory as to who in the world you are.)

Then hit send.

Wait patiently, and if you don’t hear back within a week, send another similar email beginning with, “I know you are busy, but I really wanted to follow up with you about…”

Well, we’re waiting!


Patience. The waiting is the hardest part (Thanks, TP), but sometimes that is what it takes. At this point, you need to understand the key to being somewhere between “in their face” and “on their mind.” This is delicate, but important.

Put yourself in their place and think about it. Maybe they are under a deadline. Maybe they are ill. There are literally thousands of reasons other than they don’t want to follow up with you. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Be confident you will come up with a solution.

If not, reach out to me. Maybe I can assist you.