Emerging Artists Tip Number Five is all about getting it done. And getting it done in an easy, concise and easy to understand manner. It’s so easy that it only takes three little words:  Edit,  Condense,  Repeat.


Recently, I asked an artist to explain his music to me.  Five minutes later he had to nudge me awake.


For crying out loud, please edit your pitch. Keep it short. To the point. Don’t ramble on.  Explain who you are as an artist in a sentence or two. Certainly less than five.  Because, with all due respect, as Mr. T would say, “Don’t give me none of that jibba-jabba!”

Edit your songs until you get right down to it.  Remember, every word counts.  Every word points to the title.  No throwaway words, lines or phrases. Professional songwriters call it word economy.  This is an absolutely essential element you should learn.


Condense your set list to the best five songs you have.  With all due respect, the average attention span of industry professionals is shorter than a flea in heat. Really short. Really, really short. And here’s why: they simply don’t have time. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!

Like my late friend and former business partner, Bill Aucoin always said, “Keep it simple, stupid.”


And then edit and condense some more.

Emerging Artists Tip Number Five is all about getting it done. Again and again. Yes, I know it’s hard work, but, hello, this is your career we’re talking about here!

Keep polishing, fine tuning, dialing it in. Make your pitch, your story, your songs and your set list better. Always be working to make them stronger, more compelling, and undeniable.

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