Tip Number 8 for Emerging Artists is, in my humble opinion, simple, clear, and elegant.  It comes down to the fact that regardless of what anyone else may say, it really is: All. About. You.

Although it may not be grammatically correct, here goes: KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU. 

That’s what she said.

Jen Sincero, that is.  (Sorry, NOT sorry for the joke!)

As she says in her book, You’re A Badass, there is only one you. That’s it.  No one else, nowhere, no how. You are the only you there is, or has been, or ever will be. As an artist, you must embrace this, love this, and share this with the world. You must take full responsibility to love who you are, and then fervently and frantically fly your own freak flag!

Here’s what I say:

Now, I’m not suggesting you be an arrogant, self-centered, to hell with everybody else, maniacal egomaniac when I say it’s really all about you.

But I am saying it is your job is to identify your unique abilities and focus on sharing them with the world.

Know what makes you YOU and then be the best you YOU can possibly be.

Read that again.  Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and set your intention to just be you.

That Being Said…

Not everyone is going to like you.  There will always be boo birds, haters, and detractors, but that’s okay.  Because you know that you are uniquely talented, and you are true to the only one that matters: YOU.

Say What?

“Hey, CK, can you assist me?”

Reach out to me. Take five minutes and let me help you be the best you that you can possibly be.

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