Tip Number Nine is simple, elegant and just three words: ACT AS IF.

Say What?

You are one of a kind.  You have to live in your success even before it arrives. No, wait, you GET to live in your success before it even arrives. Develop the positively positive attitude of, “I meant to do that!”

Carry yourself with that extra bit of rock star swagger.  That extra glide in your stride, that dip in your hip as you confidently arrive on the mothership of stardom. Breathe in that rarefied air so that everyone around you will recognize what you already know.: you are someone special.

Okay, I’ll simmer down now.

Livin’ The Dream / Live in The Dream.

Here’s what I mean. If you want to make it, I mean, REALLY want to make it, you have to be there already. No, really, stick with me here.

Tip Number Nine could even be that, I suppose. Or even “fake it ’til you make it.” It really is all the same.

Please hear me when I say you have to ACT AS IF your dream has already come true.  And be grateful for it even before it fully arrives. Every single minute of every single day.  Set your intention.  Be grateful. Dress the part.  Walk the walk.  Talk the talk. ACT AS IF it the rest of us already know you are a real life, big ole honkin’, bad to the bone celebrity badass.

Turn that corner in your mind.  Become the star you know you are.

Get In Touch!

Not only with your inner rock star, but with me!

“Hey, CK, can you assist me?”

Reach out to me. Let’s take five minutes and see if I can help you be the best you that you can possibly be.

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