Tip number ten. Freakin’ finally, right?

But before we get there let’s rewind.

Top Tips 1-9

SEE AND BE SEEN.   Join industry associations and attend events so that you can see the people you need to see and that they can see you, as well.

THE ART OF FOLLOW UP.  Learn the art of being on their mind but not in their face.

STAY IN TOUCH.  It is better to communicate that you have no news than to not call at all.

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  This  business is built on rejection. Deal with it.

EDIT. CONDENSE. REPEAT. Keep your pitch short and to the point. And then edit and condense some more.

GIVE BACK. Identify and connect with a charity in which you strongly believe.

MASTERMIND GROUP. Find people to model and create your own mastermind group. Ask!

KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU YOU.  As Jen Sincero says in her book, You’re A Badass, there is only one you.  Identify your unique abilities and focus on sharing them with the world.

ACT AS IF.   Carry yourself with that extra bit of swagger so that everyone will recognize that you are someone special.

Tip Number Ten

BE GRATEFUL. This should actually be Tip Number One.  Be grateful for what you have and more importantly for what you’re going to be, do and have even before it arrives.

In my humble opinion, having an attitude of gratitude is the single most common trait of truly successful people. Take some time every day top count your blessings and be grateful not only for what you have but what is coming to you.

What now?

Get in touch. Not only with your inner rock star but with me!

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Reach out to me. Let’s take five minutes and see if I can help you be the best you that you can possibly be.

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