Top Ten Tips! I like the sound of that, don’t you? Thank you!

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have a series of tips around confidence. To me, confidence is key and NONE of these other tips make any sense if you don’t start there.

So here’s the deal, today I am going to share five of my Top Ten Tips for artists and songwriters. The remaining five will be shared in another post.

Top Ten Tips

These are ideas and techniques I have learned in my music and entertainment business career and want to share. I use these tips all the time and I hope they will bring value to you, as well.

So be confident and let’s get to it!


SEE AND BE SEEN.  My old friend, Rich Piombino, a music and radio industry veteran always used this term to tell artists how important it is for them to be visible.  Attend events, shows, showcases. Join industry associations and attend events so that you can see the people you need to see and that they can see you, as well.


THE ART OF FOLLOW UP.  Always follow up with people but learn the art of being on their mind but not in their face.


STAY IN TOUCH. Similar, but different from number two.  If you have a deadline with someone but can’t meet it, let them know.  In other words even if you have no news it is is better to communicate that you have no news than to not call at all.


DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  If someone says no to your artistry or your song don’t sweat it.  This  business is built on rejection. Remember, “NO” means “Next One.”


EDIT. CONDENSE. REPEAT. Keep your pitch short and to the point.  Edit your songs until you get to the essence. Condense your set list to the best five songs you have. And then edit and condense some more.

Next week

I’ll share the last five of my Top Ten Tips in next week’s post.  Please know that these are bullet point ideas. I share more of these ideas in depth with my clients.


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