Month: December 2016

Remembering Barbara Orbison

Barbara Orbison was a force of nature.  Artist, entrepreneur, visionary, my employer and friend.  She left us 5 years ago today.  Her passing was on the twenty third anniversary of Roy’s death. Barbara hired me to run her publishing company, Still Working Music in the late nineties.  Upon arriving, she told me, “I want you to run this company like it’s your own.” It was certainly a defining moment for me.  (Of course, when I was let go the reason given was, “You’re running this company like it’s your own…”) She offered me the opportunity to rise from an...

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Where Are You Going?

In one of his columns, my friend and former pastor, Jon Roebuck wrote that he, like millions of others had purchased one of those fitness trackers…you know, the ones you wear on your wrist that track all kinds of information, including how many steps you take during the day. He went on to share that his goal (10,000 steps per day) is one that he meets more often than not. But then he raises some very important questions…”Were those steps significant?…Did those steps make a difference in the lives of others?” The point is this, we all get focused...

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There’s Always Something

Indeed.  Every day I seem to be running on equal measures of excitement and fear. My mind seems to race from one thing to the next, some good and some not so good. There’s always something. For whatever reason, I tend to get caught up in that daily madness. There’s always something. But last night, for about an hour and a half, I was transported to Habersham Road in Atlanta by a talented group of high school students in their play, The Last Night of Ballyhoo.  The play, written by Alfred Uhry and performed by the Forensics Club of...

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The Gift

As part of our commitment to Lipscomb University’s Joshua Project mentoring program, Nordista Freeze and I meet about once a week for coffee and conversation. I always leave our meetings feeling as though I have received a gift. Freeze shared some news with me about some incredible opportunities he has in front of him.  He and I talked about the aspects of certainty versus uncertainty and, more importantly, the reality that if you don’t ask the right question or accept an opportunity, the answer is always no. I mentioned to him that I had heard that in any question...

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Chris Keaton

Chris is a Nashville-based entertainment industry executive, award winning music publisher, artist management consultant and a 2016 Inductee in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.