Month: September 2017

Now For Something Completely Different

Now. Right now. You heard me. Yes, as in right here, right now. I’m going to try something new right here, right now. Not later today or tomorrow and definitely not sometime next week. RIGHT FREAKING NOW!! But before we go any further, please click here. Lights Chris Brogan shared this idea with me and the more I look around every day the truer it becomes.  People would rather watch a video than read.  He wrote (and then spoke in his video), “People are reading on average a total of 19 minutes a day.  Across everything. That includes texts...

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Badass Bulldozer Profiles: Riley Adkisson and The Vangos

Riley Adkisson is a badass. He’s also a bulldozer. Let me explain. For the past few weeks I’ve been writing about disruption in the entertainment industry and have suggested that there are two camps: badasses (bulldozers) and buildings (the status quo). The first camp are those artists who choose to move forward (like Alyssa, Clint and Tate from previous posts) and the second are those who continue to try the same tired old routes and end up with the same results (I seem to remember that being a definition of insanity.) Badass I met Riley a year ago through...

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Chris Keaton

Chris is a Nashville-based entertainment industry executive, award winning music publisher, artist management consultant and a 2016 Inductee in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.